Reviewing tiles for bathrooms and kitchens: A homeowner’s handy resource!

Every corner of your house needs attention, and when it comes to bathrooms and kitchens, you have to be a tad more careful. Bathrooms and kitchens withstand more foot traffic than other parts of a standard home, and therefore, the flooring, in particular needs care. These areas are also prone to water splashes, spills and steam, so the choice of material will make a difference. While you can always rely on options like Carreaux Metro liquidation ceramic tiles for diverse needs, knowing the basics comes in handy. In this post, we are discussing the options in detail.

The four basic choices

When it comes to tiles, you can choose between distinct four options – stone, ceramic, porcelain and glass.

  • The case of Stone tiles. Stone tiles have that natural feel and have been used in many sophisticated contemporary homes. However, stone tiles are heavy, and if you don’t seal these tiles well, there is a chance of water damage. The cost of stone tiles is likely to be higher, and we recommend that you get an estimate.
  • The case of glass tiles. Glass tiles are great for kitchens and bathroom backsplashes in particular. These are not great for withstanding weight, so you cannot consider these for flooring, but if used right, these can take the beauty of your backsplashes and walls to the next level.
  • The case of porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles are extremely versatile, and even though this option will cost more than ceramic, the price is worth paying. Porcelain tiles are great for flooring, shower room, and walls, and you can use these for the kitchen. Again, do get an estimate, depending on what you like.
  • The case of ceramic tiles. When it comes to colors, styles, designs and themes, ceramic tiles work a lot better and are affordable at the same time. If you check with known vendors and sellers, you will be surprised with the patterns and textures available. Ceramic tiles, especially the ordinary ones, are not that great when it comes to flooring, and we recommend that you consider the hardness.

Integrate your bathrooms and kitchens with the home theme!

You may feel sold out looking at some of the unique ceramic and porcelain tiles, but before placing an order, always consider what will work ideally for your home. The kitchen and bathrooms should look like a part of the house and not a different area altogether. Check online now to know more.

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