Pro Tips For Installing Tile

Installing tile in your home’s kitchen or bathroom can be difficult and time consuming. This is why many homeowners call in a professional to do the job for them and provide expert results. But did you know that some home tile projects are actually easy enough for the average DIYer? With the right tools, some patience and the following pro tips, you can install tile flooring or a beautiful tile backsplash in your kitchen in no time.

Let’s get started and take a look at some helpful tile installation tips from some of the industry’s leading tile professionals.

Mix Your Thin-Set Smooth- be sure to let your grout or thin-set rest for about 10 minutes after mixing it. This will enable any dry chunks of mix to absorb some water before you do the final mixing and application. The smoother your thin-set or grout is, the easier, and more manageable it will be to use.

Start With A Flat Floor- you want to ensure that the floor you are tiling is completely flat. If your floor is wavy or has uneven spots, these imperfections will appear in your tile surface as lippage. Using a Self-leveling compound can give you a flat, smooth base for your tile.

Remove The Baseboards- always remove the baseboards when tiling a floor. While it might seem like an additional, and unnecessary, step, it will actually save you a lot of time and headache later on. With the baseboards removed, your measurements and cuts don’t have to be as precise and your new tile floor will look much more professional when finished.

Set Tiles On A Ledger- when tiling a backsplash, set your tiles on a ledger to support them for easier installation and to ensure a straight line.

Clean Out The Squeeze-Out Right Away- you might have seen some tile installers remove the squeeze-out after the compound has dried. This can be difficult and it could damage delicate tiles. Remove any excess thin-set right away with your tile spacer or utility knife. This will leave a much cleaner and more professional look.

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