London’s Luxury Property Market: Experience First Class Living with Short Lets

If you are looking for first class living with short term lets, then London is the city you need to visit. The city’s short-term rentals range from spacious townhouses for large groups to budget studio flats for individuals moving in new homes.

London short term lets vary in their prices depending on the facilities and the area you are visiting. The city features a wide range of short lets that are available to rent during your long weekends as well as a 3-month extended visit. Here are the short-term rentals available in London.

Short Term Rentals for Families

Families who are currently in the process of relocating choose to rent townhouses or short-term apartments over hotels to retain the degree of routine and normality. Parents can choose a location that is easy for both school and work.

Also, these rentals have the advantage of laundry and cooking facilities, and most of them are pet-friendly with various private gardens. The city also offers cottages that are ideal for families, and they are affordable compared to the serviced hotels and apartments.

Short Term Lets for Luxury

When it comes to self-catering and luxury accommodation, London has it all. It does not matter whether you want to treat your loved one to coveted features like private roof balcony with hot tubs or you are looking for the best penthouse to relax during your two-week work trip; there is no shortage of historic Georgian homes and charming modern apartments to select from.

You can find luxury accommodations in wealthy neighbourhoods of Notting Hill, Marylebone, Chelsea, Southbank and Canary Wharf. All these neighbourhoods offer the much-needed spectacular views of London skylines. You will also get perfect places for entertainment with most of them featuring private gardens, tennis courts and swimming pools.

With short lets that feature at least five-bedrooms, large groups and extended families can enjoy living in the same rental for special occasions like wedding anniversaries and birthdays.

Short Term Lets on a Budget

Like many cities, London has a reputation for having expensive accommodation. But if you are flexible on the time of the year and location, you can get excellent deals on the short stay apartments, houses and studios. If you are currently planning a holiday, you should avoid popular dates like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter Weekend since the rates are usually expensive.

Nightly rates can be cheaper if you choose to rent a short-let property for three or more months. Students and individuals who are looking for affordable accommodation for more than two months should look for rentals in more affordable and popular student areas. In most cases, expensive accommodations tend to be near main universities.

Also, opting for furnished short lets with cooking and laundry facilities is both a good and practical transition before relocating to permanent accommodations. It also provides you with privacy to entertain your guests. If you are looking for a short term rental, you should look for experts to help you find a property that will meet your expectations.

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