How to Choose the Best Air Hose?

Getting yourself a high-quality air hose is vital to ensure a tight seal, stable pressure and constant power output. However, with a wide range of hoses and air hose fittings available on the market out there, it can be challenging to know where to start from when making a selection. 

With various Rubber Fuel hose available on the market, sifting through all the options and information can prove to be a difficult task. Here are the main tips to help you choose the best air hose. 

Hose Material 

The most important factor to consider when purchasing a lay flat hose is the material. Air hoses are available in various materials such as polyurethane, PVC, rubber, nylon, and hybrid. The hybrid air hose is a product of two or more materials. Typically, rubber and PVC are the most used materials since they provide excellent air hoses.

Nylon air hoses are the tightest options available, but you can easily coil them up without using much effort. They are perfect for moving around, but not for long distances. Polyurethane is designed to be lighter and easier to use. They are expensive, and they tend to kink a lot. 

They are excellent for working on the moves, but not perfect for heavy or static tasks. Rubber provides the best air hoses that are easy to roll up, flexible and they are excellent in varying temperatures. Since the material is the most significant factor, it is essential to know each type before making an informed decision. 


In most cases, the length of air hoses ranges between 50 and 100 feet long with few exceptions. Most individuals go for 100-foot option since it helps them maximize their total distance from the compressor. 

This is beneficial since it eliminates the need for extension cords which are sometimes tough on motors that use electricity. There are some unique situations in which 50-foot hoses might be an excellent option. An example would be when operating in tight quarters. 

Hose Diameter 

In most cases, air hoses come in two main diameter sizes which include 6.3mm and 9.5mm. The larger diameter rubber hose transports more air providing you with more power. However, you do not require an excellent compressor to achieve or make use of these hoses. 

The smaller diameter hoses are ideal for less powerful jobs such as inflating air beds or tires. A perfect air compressor can control the air pressure which means that you can have both types if you want.

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