Five Toxic Items You Should Never Throw in The Trash

Have you ever wondered what goes and what doesn’t go in the trash? Did you know that 1 gallon of motor oil can contaminate over 1 million gallons of fresh water? While we all have access to disposing of our trash via public waste systems, there are rules put in place to prevent us from throwing away toxic items that can harm the environment. Here are 5 toxic items that your trash service in Kansas should never have to dispose of.


Paint products contain chemicals that are incredibly harmful to the environment and animals. You should never pour paint down the drain or dispose of it in the trash for this reason alone. If you have leftover paint from your last house remodeling project, consider donating leftovers to a school, art group, or a non-profit. If no one can take the paint, visit an HWH collection facility or dial 1-800-CleanUp to find the nearest one near you if you don’t know where to locate one.

Any Kind of Battery

Batteries contain chemicals that are harmful to ingest for all living beings. Older batteries used to be made from mercy, cadmium, nickel, and lead, which are incredibly toxic to the environment if disposed of in the trash. Car batteries should also be disposed of properly instead of thrown in the trash since they contain worse chemicals than normal batteries do. Take any battery you have to a collection site before disposing of them in the trash.


You might want to reconsider throwing away any old electronics in the trash. Computers, TVs, DVD players, and more contain harsh chemicals that are incredibly harmful to the environment if they’re thrown into a landfill. Try to sell your old electronics before throwing them in the trash. Someone may find value in them after you’ve upgraded and no longer need them.


While it’s not illegal to throw glass in the trash, you always run the risk of somebody getting cut from handling broken shards. Glass can be recycled and should be placed into the recycle bin before a trash can. Make sure not to intentionally break glass before putting it into the recycle bin. It will give the recycle service operator an easier time since the glass is still whole instead of in pieces.

Motor Oil

As mentioned before, motor oil is incredibly dangerous to the environment if disposed of in the trash. While it is OK for you to change your own oil, service shops typically dispose of the old oil themselves. Make sure to bring your discarded motor oil to your local service shop before tossing it into the trash.

Making sure to dispose of trash properly is the one way that we can keep our environment clean. While we do not have a perfect solution to disposing of trash, chemicals from items destroy the environment if they are not disposed of properly. A toxic environment can affect many other aspects of our lives, including poisoning our water supply and fields.

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