Deciding on a Pattern for Your Amish Quilt

When you are ready to make a custom Amish quilt, or you are trying to make your own custom Amish style quilt, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. The first thing you need to take into consideration is the style of the quilt being made, which is why you need to carefully analyze the options provided by the quilt maker, and the patterns they offer.

Traditional Amish quilts are made from 24 general patterns. There are many variations of each pattern as well. There are also a standard set of colors used by the Amish to make quilts.

There are traditional colors used to make Amish quilts. The primary colors used in Amish quilts include dark blues, red, purples, and whites. These colors can be seen on a daily basis in the Amish community and directly mirror the colors in their clothes.

Quilting Style Used by Amish Quilters

The traditional style of Amish quilts uses the Applique technique. This technique can provide you with a wide variety of opportunities to create different patterns and different designs.

The designs are placed over a solid piece of fabric and are all hand stitched into position. This technique allows the quilter better control over where the pieces are placed and provides more room for correcting errors. It also allows for better detail and higher quality in the stitches. Since one of the major selling points of Amish quilts is the quality stitching, being able to show this aspect is very important.

Amish Star Quilt

One of the most sought-after Amish quilt patterns is the Amish Star quilt. It features a 6-point start, accompanied by a smaller 6-point star inside of the larger one. The star used on this quilt is commonly referred to as the Great Lone Star, or the Star of Bethlehem.

The majority of Amish quilts are adorned with a star of some sort. The most popular are:

  • Amish Star
  • Stars in Common
  • Starspin
  • Star Burst
  • Broken Twinkling Star
  • Eight Point Start Patchwork
  • Broken Star

Amish Log Cabin Quilt

Another popular Amish made quilt is the Log Cabin Quilt. It was inspired more than 150 years ago, and the pattern provides a multitude of options in creating an eye-catching quilt. It represents the adventures of homesteading. The traditional quilt presents with different colored squares, but a popular variation of it uses a fan design instead of squares.

Other Popular Amish Quilt Designs

There are several other patterns used by Amish quilt makers. Here are some other popular patterns. Each one has its own style, appeal, and unique story. These patterns include:

  • Central Diamond Pattern
  • Ocean Waves Pattern
  • Trip Around the World Pattern
  • Wedding Ring Pattern

While these are not all the patterns offered by Amish quilt designers, looking at them provides great insight into the stories and mazes of possibilities these patterns can offer, especially after they are customized to your preferences. Each of these quilt patterns offer endless possibilities and provides a chance to express new, untold stories.

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