Composite Decking for Gardens

If you want an outside area to entertain guests, or just relax with your family; then the perfect addition to your property would be a deck. Traditional, wood was the preferred decking material but you now have more options with composite decking.

What is a composite deck?

The material that goes into a composite deck is made from recycled wood material and plastic. This unique composition is why you will usually see grey composite decking material. The plastic strengthens the composite material and makes it last longer. While wooden decks have to be replaced periodically, composite material is largely impervious to the effects of moisture and other environmental factors.

What are the benefits of a composite deck?

Well, the most obvious benefit of a composite deck has to be its durability. Other benefits include:

  • It gives a more aesthetically pleasing effect. You don’t need to apply varnishing or staining. If you want the traditional wooden look, you can get composite material that looks indistinguishable from most hardwood decking material.
  • If offers better safety. You don’t need nails to fit plastic composite decking. They come with their own grooves and fasteners, which means that your kids won’t stub their toes on exposed nails. Splinters are also no longer an issue thanks to the smooth composite finish.
  • A composite deck is impervious to pest damage. If you opt for composite material that is capped, you no longer have to worry about termite damage; or damage from any other pests that usually plague wooden decking for that matter.
  • It is a less costly decking material. In terms of initial cost, you might pay more for composite material. But in the long run, when you factor in the increased life span and minimal maintenance costs, it is much cheaper to opt for a composite deck.
  • It is the environmentally conscious option. The wooden component in the composite material usually comes from recycled sources. Compare this with the fact that wooden decks (especially those that are made from indigenous hardwood) depend on deforestation to source their material.

How to maintain your composite deck?

Composite deck maintenance basically just involves cleaning! If you have a newer deck, you need to periodically sweep between the boards for any debris and hose it down with some water and soap. There are composite deck cleaners on the market for older decks, check with your manufacturer to find out the recommended cleaner. Clean spillages with warm water and soap as soon as they occur.

Whether you want a pool-side deck or garden decking, you should seriously consider using composite material over wood.

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