5 Most Popular Lawn Varieties You Should Choose From

It’s true that a variety of plants make a garden beautiful. But can you imagine a garden without a lawn? Never! Lawns are by far the most important elements of a garden.

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However, a lawn is not just grass as most homeowners assume. Especially for professionals like gardening services Double Bay by Amico or for those who are keen about their yards, a lawn is more than just a green patch.

If you want to create a garden of your dreams, you should pay careful attention to your lawn and should choose the type of grass with care.

Different lawn types have different behaviours in different weather conditions, and various levels of use and traffic.

Here are some of the common types of lawns in Australia from which you can choose one for your garden.

1. Tall Fescue

If you want an instant lawn, you should choose tall fescue. It can be grown on pre-existing grass. Its best feature is that it grows equally well in sun and shade and can adapt to a wide array of soil types and climates.

Another best point is that it has no runners which means it cannot invade adjacent garden beds or the yard of your neighbour.

Tall fescue is also relatively durable and hardy and can tolerate moderate amount of traffic. However, it’s not as hardy as varieties in this list like kikuyu or zoysia.

2. Couch Grass

If you want an easy to grow and cheap lawn variety, you should choose couch grass. It has been consistently popular and has several sub-types (like Santa Ana, Queensland Blue, etc.)

It withstands wear and tear well and has self-repairing qualities thanks to its strong underground runners. However, you should be careful about these runners because they can creep into other non-lawn areas.

Couch grass will remain vibrant throughout the year; but you should take care of it in warmer months and mow it regularly and fertilise and nourish it during colder months.

3. Buffalo Grass

Originally notorious as extremely scratchy, buffalo grass is now getting popularity because of its soft leaf variety. These varieties like Matilda or Sir Walter Buffalo can create extremely soft and lush lawns if maintained properly.

Plus, buffalo grass is quite durable and easy to grow and maintain, both in summer and winter, and can tolerate extreme weathers throughout the year. Its self-repairing qualities make it perfect for high-traffic spaces.

4. Kikuyu Grass

Native to Kenya, kikuyu grass is considered to be one of the more durable as well as economical lawn variety. It thrives in full sun which makes it well-suited to Australian climate.

However it has a downside that it doesn’t grow well in poorly lit or shaded areas. However, if it’s worn out, it regenerates quickly; hence it’s chosen normally for sports fields and schools.

However kikuyu grass is quite invasive and needs frequent mowing, especially in warmer seasons. It needs to be stopped from crossing the boundaries of your lawn and even entering your neighbour’s yard.

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5. Zoysia Grass

Zoysia has been a less popular grass variety in Australia but is gaining recognition as a practical and even good-looking choice for Australian lawns.

It’s famous for its extreme softness with no chance of scratching or irritation to the skin. For those who don’t like mowing much, it’s a great variety because it grows extremely slowly.

Its slow growth also makes it less prone to entering neighbouring garden beds.

This is a highly durable variety of grass and hence is ideal for schools and sports fields. However, due to its slow growth, it takes longer to repair itself than other grasses if damaged.

Zoysia is well tolerant to all seasons, but may experience browning in drought conditions and will recover much more slowly than other grasses.

You can now decide which variety is the best for you. You can also get an advice from Amico’s landscape gardeners Sydney and can have a great lawn!

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